Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wtf is wrong about Rottweilers

Seriously. I mean it's really a freaking awesome dog. Got one that died 7 years ago and I couldn't find a nicer dog at that time. I just have a new one since 3 years and just as my old one she's fucking great.

You won't find a nicer dog.

I don't why but people seems to be afraid of her everytime I go running with her. I would leave my children (if I had any) to her without any doubt... Well the thing is my father's a vet and I got a HUGE garden (really huge.) so she has plenty of space and thus she's really balanced physically and mentally. While there are jerks with dogs they beat, burn and stuff all the time to make them angry and be "more agressive"...
And that's why accidents happen, but the one to blame's not the dog but the master.

You won't find anyone more retarded.

Also I had a really busy week and couldn't make any update... Will try to find more time to myself ;)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Smartphone, finally.

Bored of my old cellphone and since I've earned some money recently I just ordered a new smartphone 5 weeks ago : a Samsung Galaxy S.

No comments.

It REALLY kicks ass.

Two weeks after my order, I finally recieved a box from bouygues telecom. A box containing the 2 goodies I ordered with the phone, BUT NO FUCKING PHONE INSIDE IT. Ok, stay calm.
Second call to the hotline so far, seems like I've to send it back to get my full package delivered. Here comes the time when I became really pissed off. I NEVER had any news from them about it. So I decided to harass them 2 or 3 times a week. And guess what, It payed.
Had to do it for 3 weeks, but after that I received 2 phones instead of 1, so I th.... WAIT 2 GALAXY S FOR ONE?  Yeah, won 400€ on that, thanks bouygues, really.

2 kick even more asses than one.

Too bad I can't find that hotline number to tell them about it. Damn.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

One week after

So there we are finally. After countless of innocents people killed byt Ghadaffi's troops and mercenary, the UN decided to put an end to it. No shit. Well at least I'm proud that French government didn't sucked as they did with Egypt and Tunisia. Seems like they may even be assuming the leadership of the coalition. And yeah, I took a look on US newspaper & CNN, it seems like we've been for nothing there in the debates & attacks. Come on, don't trust everything you see in the media.

Photogenic Sarkozy's really proud of his old aircraft carrier :
 le Charles-de-Gaulle

Wondering for how long this "no-fly zone" will last though, since there are already voices among the muslims leaders to ban it. Guess it won't be the end of the "civil war" there if no one is to send troops there though...
And I'm sure that Madaffi will be doing some crazy stuff about this.

In the meantime I'm glad to see that Fukushima seems to be under control. Sad to say but Japaneses people seem to be the most competents when it come to deal with major disasters like this.

On a more joyful note, that St Patrick's day was quite awesome... Even though I lost a pull and got my left cheek fully scratched by some girl I don't even remember about :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


Why the fuck is there so many haters about what's happening in Japan now? I mean, American fags seem to be happy about it, seeking from some revenge about Pearl Harbor, but, hmm, WHAT? Pearl Harbor, are you retarded guys serious about it? It has nothing to do about what's going on there : hundred of thousands of people  having their lifes ruined by a natural disaster and some people are arguing about their grand parents being killed or whatever. Blabla, just shut up seriously.

In the meantime in Lybia Khadafi's still killing his people by thousands. Guess we'll have to wait before the revolution is over to send some help there. Not that I care about Lybians anyway.

Same thing going in Côte d'Ivoire where that retarded Gbagbo monkey doesn't want to leave his country.

Unrelated video, Borat style dancing cat.

You smile you lose.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Et voilà.

Well, guess it was about time I write something useful on the net.

Maybe that's because of that damn hangover I've got for the whole day. Theses times I can't even sleep anymore when I'm drunk the day before,.. And I'm drunk really often since january. I'm being so lazy I don't even want to cook something & I'll just order some speedburger tonight.
Would be nice if I could find the motivation to resume working out. Don't want to end like some American fat random guy.

Ok, just kidding.